UF2000 4Pets, (cat) urine odour neutraliser
UF2000 4Pets is a powerful urine odour neutraliser which effectively combats the unpleasant odour of cat wee.  UF2000 is an environment-friendly and efficient solution to combating these unwanted odours.  UF2000 does not mask the smell of urine by adding another fragrance but demolishes the pungent smell by accelerating the breakdown of the odour molecule with the use of plant enzymes. UF2000 cat urine odour remover can be used on hard surfaces such as concrete, stone, wall, parquet floor, hardwood floors and can also be safely used on softer finishings such as carpets, clot..
Quickly and easily find the source of human and/or animal urine odour with EcoLight urine detector
The EcoLight urine stain detector enables you to quickly and easily find the source of human and/or animal urine odour. Switch the the EcoLight on using the button at the top. Make the room completely dark. To search for the odour source, hover the light close to the surface over the suspected area(s). The crystals present in the vomit and/or urine will glow a faint yellow/green. Treat the odour source with Ecodor UF2000.   EcoLight urine detector ..
IMPORTANT!! Always check beforehand that the material that is to be treated will retain its colour, by testing the product in an inconspicuous area! For recent urine stains: Preparation: Determine the location of the urine. If it is difficult to determine the exact location of the urine, please use our urine stain detector. Do not use other (chemical) detergents or masking agents. Also do not use shampoo. If you plan to shampoo or clean your carpet, then do so after you have removed both urine odour and urine stains with UF2000. First remove as much urine as possible by dabbing with ..
Urine stains in wooden or hardwood floors are the most difficult stains to remove, especially when the wood has become darker because of repeated exposures to urine. The darker spots indicate that there is a concentration of dried urine salts (urine crystals), and also that the wood is already damaged by the acids in the urine. By repeating the treatment several times, UF2000 can remove the odour completely and it can also remove a large part of the dried salt crystals. However, the product cannot repair the damage that has already been caused to the wood. In most cases, by carefully sand..
Untreated stone or concrete look as if they are solid surfaces, but in fact they are porous, and easily absorb  urine through many small openings. This means that the urine can easily enter very deep into stone or concrete, which makes the odour removal process more difficult. To obtain the best possible result, please follow these  steps. Preparation: Do not use other (chemical) cleaning liquids or masking products! Make sure that the surface is completely dry.  If there are remains of carpet glue on the floor, they will have to be removed first.  Sweep or dust the ..
Removing the odour of dogpee

Does your dog continually urinate in the same place?
Dog urineDo you struggle to get unwanted urine, vomit, blood and other odours out of your furniture, doormat, dog basket or floor?
Do you have an older dog and your house constanlty smells of the typical "old dog" odour?

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Removing the odour of cat wee

Eliminating the smell of cat urine has never been easier with Ecodor UF2000 for Pets!

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