Urine stain detector
Urine stain detector

You smell the urine, but cannot find the spot? With the help of the Ecodor Spot Urine Detector you are able to find the urine spot that was invisible from the naked eye.
(Dried) salts present in urine will highlight when using the Urine Spot Detector allowing you to directly treat the infected area with UF2000.

The EcoLight urine stain detector enables you to quickly and easily find the source of human and/or animal urine odour. Batteries are included (3x AAA)

Instructions to use:

Switch the the EcoLight on using the button at the top. Make the room completely dark.
To search for the odour source, hover the light close to the surface over the suspected area(s).
The crystals present in the vomit and/or urine will glow a faint yellow/green.
Treat the odour source with urine odour remover UF2000 or UF2000 for Pets.


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